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    22 People Who Saw The Opportunity To Make A Dirty Joke And Absolutely Nailed It

    The Mars Rover was aPERVERT!

    1.Whoever designed the Newmarket Health Centre:

    How did this even get so far?fromtheyknew

    3.The friends and family of Mr. Chris Bangs:

    Don’t do it, Chris!fromtheyknew

    4.This hibachi chef:

    So romantic <3fromtheyknew

    5.Marlana's parents:

    Dad knew... for surefromtheyknew

    6.Whoever conceptualized the Valentine's Day Meat Tray For 1™:

    Valentine's day special...fromtheyknew

    7.These repair folks:

    They definitely knewfromtheyknew

    8.This Australian McDonald's:

    McDonalds in Yass, Australia, definitely knew.fromtheyknew

    9.Blaine Stewart:

    How could you not know?fromtheyknew

    10.Amazon's watch section:

    Innocent Amazon search AT WORK!!fromtheyknew

    11.The design team over at Victoria's Secret:

    VS knewfromtheyknew


    Jerry knewfromtheyknew

    13.This local Subway:

    Thats 12 inches or 30cmfromtheyknew

    15.Whoever wrote this ✨way back when✨:

    Man’s Cock Wins Firstfromtheyknew

    16.This very bored CVS employee:


    17.This marble artist:

    Thats not milkfromtheyknew

    18.Whoever compiled this Latin workbook:

    My Latin workbookfromtheyknew

    19.This naughty, naughty staff:

    Thanks Managementfromtheyknew

    20.This Dewey Decimal System enforcer:

    They definitely knew where to place that labelfromtheyknew

    21.Whoever thought "lighthouses" would be fun to eat:


    22.And lastly, even Ikea!


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