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Mushroom Publications

Research Publications

  1. Fleming-Archibald,C.,Ruggiero,A.&Grogan,H.(2015).Brown mushroom symptom expression following infection of an Agaricus bisporus crop with MVX associated dsRNAs.Fungal Biology,119: 1237-1245.
  2. Eastwood,D.,Green,J.,Grogan,H.& Burton,K.(2015).Characterising the viral agents causing brown cap mushroom disease ofAgaricus bisporus.   Applied and 亚博体育平台是黑彩Environmental Microbiology 81(20): 7125-7134.

Technical Publications

  • Grogan,H.Green,J.Burton,K.(2015).Mushroom Virus X (MVX) - Investigating gene expression in infected crops.Tech Update.5515.View Publication Details
  • Grogan,H.(2015).MushTV – Providing IPM solutions to the mushroom industry.亚博体育官网无法取款Teagasc Technical update 6270.View Publication Details
  • O Neill et al.2015.Use of Chemical disinfectants in mushroom production.Factsheet.View Publication Details
  • Fleming-Archibald et al.2015.Brown Cap Mushroom Virus Prevention.Factsheet .View Publication Details
  • Kilpatrick,et al.2015.UnderstandingTrichoderma aggressivumin Bulk Phase 3 compost.Factsheet.View Publication Details
  • Pyck et al.2015.Fungal diseases of mushroom and their control.Factsheet.View Publication Details

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