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Kieran Kilcawley

Research Officer

Research Interests

The main focus of my research continues to be directly related to flavour in  foods and beverages,with a special interest in dairy products.Some key interests involve,identification of chemical compounds responsible for sensory perception,identification of biomarkers for food authentication and traceability,flavour stability including lipid oxidation.I am actively involved in advanced gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GCMS,GCxGC,GCO),covering areas of aroma extraction,method development and validation,data processing and chemometrics


1996-2002 PhD in Food and Nutritional Sciences,University College Cork "Studies on the Biochemistry and Technology of Enzyme-Modified Cheddar Cheese"

1992-1994 BSc (Hons) Biotechnology,School of Biological Sciences,University of Westminster,London,UK

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  • Mannion,D.T.,Furey,A & Kilcawley,K.N (2016).Free fatty acids quantification in dairy products.International Journal of Dairy Technology,69,1-12.
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  • Rulikowska,A.,Kilcawley,K.N.,Doolan,I.A.,Alonso-Gomez,M.,Nongonierma,A.B.,Hannon,J.A & Wilkinson,M.G (2013).  The impact of reduced sodium chloride content on Cheddar cheese quality.International Dairy Journal,28,2,45 - 55。
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