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Tomas O'Leary

Farmer Tomás O'Leary
Location Killarney,Co.Kerry
Farm Description 42 ha of grassland in two divisions.Mid-season lambing sheep enterprise lambing replacements as yearlings;and a contract dairy heifer rearing system.
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Farm Plan

A detailed farm plan was drawn up for the farm and reviewed annually.A summary of details of the plan are laid out below:

Breeding policy

  • Develop a maternal/terminal reciprocal cross
  • Use high index rams
  • Select replacements from high performance
  • Target output of >1.8 lambs weaned/ewe joined from ewe flock

Grassland management

  • Address soil fertility issues (Lime and chemical P & K)
  • Increase number of grazing divisions (five per grazing group)
  • Implement reseeding policy
  • Use grass budgeting
  • Improve animal performance from grass

Flock management

  • Increase ewe numbers and farm stocking rate
  • Look at reducing labour input for rearing triplet lambs
  • Streamline production system


  • Implement flock health plan