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The development of digital & visual tools to improve knowledge transfer in the pig industry


Live demos,farms walks & open days are not a feasible method of knowledge transfer in the pig sector due to the threat to biosecurity.The use of digital & visual aids could improve knowledge transfer & teaching methods,improving farm efficiencies without compromising farm biosecurity.The objective of this study is to develop several digital & visual tools (e.g.video clips,factsheets,pictograms,webinars).

Expected Benefits

  • Improved knowledge transfer: Increased information available to clients in a user friendly,biosecure,non-location dependent method
  • Improved farm efficiency: Providing visual & practical information for pig farmers to enhance their skills & knowledge at a time that is most suitable to their working routine
  • Improved education service: Through the improved delivery of workshops & Level 5 & 6 Pig Production courses

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