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Sustainable Production Systems

Research encompasses the development of highly profitable sustainable production systems,farm bio-economic and biophysical modeling,development of precision farming systems encompassing increases in energy and labour efficiency plus the production of meat and milk of high safety/quality.Additionally,it encompasses the use of demonstration farms and decision support tools to assist the adoption of key technologies.

No. RMIS - Ongoing Researcher Start End
6263 Carbery Greener Dairy Farms[71kb] Humphreys J. 01-Dec-2011 31-Nov-2015
6375 Sustainable expansion of Irish dairy production[67kb] French P. 01-Jan-2013 31-Dec-2016
6409 Increased 亚博体育平台是黑彩environmental efficiency of ruminant production systems through the incorporation of a Life Cycle Assessment into a quality assurance scheme[70kb] Shalloo L. 01-Nov-2012 31-Oct-2016
6441 Improving the productivity of heavy wet grassland for delivery of Food Harvest 2020[70kb] Humphreys J. 01-Nov-2012 30-Oct-2016
6683 Technologies to increase the productivity of dairy farming on heavy soils[69kb] Dillon P. 01-Jan-2015 31-Dec-2019