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Farm Systems Modelling

The complex interrelationship among a large number of factors in a farming system makes it difficult to determine the benefit of implementing various management and technologies.Mathematical models are increasingly being used in research both independent and in conjunction with research results.Bio-economic models are capable of simultaneously addressing various dimensions of agriculture such as economic,亚博体育平台是黑彩environmental and sustainability.They can also make a major contribution to guiding experimental research in a variety of ways: these ranges from identification of critical gaps in knowledge or data through to interpretation of experimental results and the development of improved systems of production.Specific areas of research activity include:

  • Modelling milk processing efficiency to optimise both dairy farm efficiency and dairy product portfolio
  • Whole farm system modelling to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from grass-based dairy and beef production systems
  • Derivation of economic values for incorporation into national breeding objectives
  • Economic analysis of controlled farmlet experiments
  • Economic analysis of controlled farmlet experiments
  • Optimising milk production efficiency - heavy soils (Solohead),regional (Ballyhaise) and winter milk (Johnstown)
No. RMIS - Ongoing Researcher Start End
6242 Predicting long and short term milk supply change in the Irish dairy industry(PDF) Shalloo L. 01-Jan-2012 2015年- 12月31日
6662 Developing Farm Business Structures to increase land mobility and to promote an intergenerational shift in Dairy Farming in Ireland(PDF) Shalloo L. 01-Jan-2015 31-Dec-2018