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Decision Support Tools and Demo Farms

The Kilkenny Greenfield and Shinagh dairy demonstration farms were developed to demonstrate the conversion of a green field farm into a fully functional profitable dairy farm using best technologies from research.Both the BETTER beef and sheep programmes are joint projects with the Drystock KT Department,which aim to develop a road map for profitable beef and sheep production through improving technical efficiency within the farm gate.Numerous decision support tools have been developed to support farmers in decision-making activities.

No. RMIS - Ongoing Researcher Start End
6338 Use of ICT tools to capture grass data and optimize grazing management(PDF) O'Brien B. 02-Jan-2013 2015年- 12月31日
6756 Advanced predication for production and processing innovation(PDF) Shalloo L. 01-Sep-2014 2016年- 2月28日