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Solohead Farm Profile

History:The farm is owned by Tipperary Co-operative Creamery.亚博体育官网无法取款Teagasc uses the farm in partnership with Tipperary Co-op.to carry out applied research into systems of milk production and grazing management.This partnership began in 1976.

Location:The Solohead dairy research farm is located near Limerick Junction in Co.Tipperary (latitude 52° 51' N;08° 21' W;altitude 95 m a.s.l.).

Area:52 ha (effective)

Herd:The herd consists of 95 cows plus 28 replacement units.

System:Spring calving dairy herd supplying 575,000 litres milk.There is a relatively long grazing season extending from early February to late November.The slow-draining nature of the soil means that it can get saturated during and following periods of high rainfall and is very prone to damage by grazing cows.A flexible approach to grazing management is required to avoid this.

Soil Type:The soils on the farm are a mixture of heavy Gleys and Grey Brown Podzolics.The soil has a clay-loam texture,25% sand and 42% clay in the upper 20 cm with increasingly massive structure and low permeability in lower horizons (poor drainage).However,a network of deep (2.5 m) open drains and underground feeder drains in the wetter fields has been installed to lower the water table.The soils at Solohead represent almost 23% of the soils of Ireland that are typically under permanent grassland management.

Paddocks:37 paddocks

Dairy Infrastructure:

  • Milking parlour: 12 unit herring bone with ACR.
  • Accommodation: 109 cow cubicles and 18 weanling cubicles – extendible.

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