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Farm Profile

History:The farm was purchased in 1905 as an educational training facility and has been involved in education since then.In 2012 a research project was initiated and set up on the farm.

Location:Latitude 51°63'N,Longitude -08°85'E,height above sea level 25 – 70 m.

Area:84 ha (dairy effective,29 ha Drystock (beef & sheep) effective)

Milking Cows:160 – 180 (subject to scientific and educational requirements)

System:Spring calving dairy herd.Typically cows are turned out to pasture directly post-calving and annually achieve a 300-day grazing season.All male calves are sold at 2 weeks old.All replacement stock are reared on-farm.

Soil Type:Free-draining acid brown earth of light loam to gley soil loam in texture

Paddocks:110 (80 experimental paddocks,20 paddocks per treatment)

Dairy Infrastructure:

  • 20 unit herringbone parlour with automatic cow ID,automatic cluster removers,daily electronic milk weighting and sampling,in parlour feeding,milking behaviour recording,weighting and drafting facilities
  • 180 cow winter housing shed