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Programme Outline

The Joint Programme has four pillars:

  1. Discussion groups
  2. Targeted workshops
  3. Demonstration/ focus farms
  4. Communications/ public events.

Discussion groupsare a central part of the Joint Programme.A team of trained and experienced Group Facilitators will work with their 亚博体育官网无法取款Teagasc Adviser colleagues to deliver a high quality learning experience to 75 discussion groups.

There is a series oftargeted workshopsfor Dairygold suppliers who are currently non-discussion group members and/ or non-clients of 亚博体育官网无法取款Teagasc.The purpose of the workshops is to provide a learning and development opportunity for the 1,800 Dairygold suppliers who are currently not members of a discussion group.The focus of the is on:

  • Improving the technical efficiency of milk production
  • Planning for sustainable expansion

The focus of the 2014 workshops is the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS).

In other years the workshops will focus on the following areas:

  • Soil fertility and grass production
  • Grass utilised per hectare on the grazing platform
  • Improving milk solids production
  • 6-week calving rate
  • Youngstock management to increase cow numbers and quality
  • Animal health and milk quality
  • Financial planning and cash flow budgeting
  • Physical and infrastructure planning

The Joint Programme featuresDemonstration and Focus farms.The purpose of the demonstration farms is to demonstrate sustainable expansion and the focus farms will be to demonstrate a particular aspect of efficient milk production.

There arepublic eventseach year highlighting the key messages and objectives of the programme.