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Kenneth Kelly

Location:Kenagh,Co.Longford / Loughrea,Co.Galway

Farm size:53ha

Current System:19-22 heifer and 24-26 month steer beef.

Local 亚博体育官网无法取款Teagasc Advisor:Francis Curran

Kenneth recently took over the home farm in Loughrea in 2018.It had been leased out to a local dairy farmer for the last 16 years while Kenneth worked in Australia and Dublin in the construction sector.

The farm is dived up into three blocks,two of which are in Loughrea,Co.Galway and one in Ballymahon,Co.Longford.Out of the 53ha being farmed,48ha is owned and 5ha are leased.

The first year of the programme will see a lot of focus on grassland management and grazing infrastructure in terms of fencing,water troughs and road-ways being installed on the farm.

Kenneth works full time off farm so therefore his brother Paul helps out as much as possible during the year and especially at busy times of the spring when calves are bought in.

The farm is currently stocked at 0.61 LU/Ha,this is quite low as last year was the first year buying calves (a total of 91 bulls and heifers).A mixture of Friesian,Aberdeen Angus,Hereford and Rotbunt calves were bought.Kenneth and Paul intend on buying 90 calves again this spring.

Going forward in the programme Kenneth may have to look at investing in buildings on the farm as housing space is limited and stock numbers will be increasing.