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Philip Keville



Farm Size:16ha-Heavy

System:Suckler to Weanling


Philip works off-farm full time keeping 15 suckler cows a few of which are pedigrees.He sells weanlings at six months of age and hopes to streamline his system over the coming year by tightening his calving spread.Philip uses 100% AI on the farm and views selling five star replacement heifers as a possible option for the farm.

Lime is a big issue on the farm and given the heavy nature of the soil raising the pH will be a tough challenge to tackle.Finishing more stock out of the shed is most definitely an option as getting stock out in the shoulders of the year is difficult.

Mandatory Challenges

  • Two tonne grass challenge - All farms to aim to increase by 2 Tonne/DM/ha
  • Farm finance challenge - Gross margin target €1250/ha on average
  • Farm safety challenge - Farms to introduce 2 positive changes annually

Optional Challenges

  • Breeding challenge - Increase average replacement value of herd by €20 over course of programme and meet all herd fertility targets
  • Soil fertility challenge - Aim for 70% of farm at index 3 P&K.Ph - aim for 6.1 (5.7 on peat soils)
  • Green farming challenge - incorporate clover into 20% of swards

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Farm update February 2018