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Animal Biosciences Research

Genetic improvement of 亚博体育官网无法取款Animals

The objective of this sub-programme is to undertake research studies and innovation activities focusing on identifying genotypes that have greater profit potential under grass-based systems of production using both quantitative and molecular genetic approaches.

Potential Impact Indicators:

  • Incorporation of genomic selection into dairy cattle programmes.
  • Improved reproductive and health performance of national dairy cow herds.
  • Increased use of AI.
No. RMIS - Ongoing Researcher Start End
6027 Development of a new index to improve female voluntary culling/retention(PDF) Buckley F. 02-Oct-2010 31-Oct-2015
6160 OptiMIR: new tools for a more sustainable dairy sector(PDF) Berry D. 01-Mar-2011 30-Sep-2015
6195 National breeding strategies for cattle and sheep(PDF) Mc Hugh N. 01-Sep-2012 01-Oct-2016
6390 Using the 'Next Generation Herd'(PDF) Buckley F. 01-Jan-2013 31-Dec-2017
6407 Genetic selection for improved milk and meat product quality(PDF) Berry D. 01-Nov-2012 01 - 11月- 2017
6408 Multi breed genomic selection in dairy and beef cattle(PDF) Berry D. 01-Nov-2012 01-Nov-2016
6458 Global cooperation to develop next generation whole genome(PDF) Berry D. 01-Jun-2012 30-Jun-2017
6511 Development,calibration and validation of feed intake methodology(PDF) Buckley F. 01-Dec-2013 30-Nov-2017
6589 Genomic strategies for animal and meat provenance(PDF) Berry D. 01-Dec-2013 01-Dec-2015
6668 Improvement of the national dairy cow breeding programme(PDF) Mc Parland S. 01-Dec-2015 31-Dec-2018
6734 Long term sustainable breeding strategies(PDF) Berry D. 01-Dec-2014 01-Dec-2018
6787 Precision cattle breeding using precision genomics(PDF) Berry D. 01-Sep-2015 31-Aug-2019
No. RMIS - Completed Researcher Start End
5246 Evaluation of Norwegian Red and Norwegian Red x Holstein-Friesian(PDF) Buckley F. 01-Sep-2002 31-Dec-2009
5499 5499_Genetic Improvement of Dairy Cattle(PDF) Berry D. 01-Sep-2006 01-Nov-2009
5889 National breeding objective and breeding programs(PDF) Berry D. 01-Sep-2009 01-Dec-2012
6159 Developing Genetic Tools to Mitigate(PDF) Berry D. 01-Mar-2011 28-Feb-2015
6161 Improving performance,animal health & welfare(PDF) Berry D. 01-Jun-2011 01-Jan-2014
6162 Whole Genome Selection(PDF) Berry D. 01-Jul-2011 01-Sep-2014